Sunday, 11 January 2015

It's a new year - Week 8

Happy New Year!

This time last week, I was basking in the sun in Jamaica as my trip came to an end. It was an unreal break and holiday and I'm so glad I took that time for myself to really immerse myself into the Jamaican culture and get some much needed rest and relaxation. I know I am in for a huge undertaking now that the fight is only five short months away.

I can't say my first week back at the gym was the most strenuous as I was just getting back into the swing of things and had some work commitments on nights that I should've been at the gym- but I managed to get in there on Tuesday and Saturday. I was feeling slightly under the weather but I pushed through and made sure I got a few workouts in.
It felt great to be back at the gym and to see my family after a few weeks! I was struggling. I'll admit it, and it didn't feel great to have Virgil point that out to me a few times either...

This Saturday was the first week that an hour was dedicated solely to the fight team. This will continue now until the big day! I got to the gym early to get the conditioning class in and then stuck around with the rest of my fight team to work with Virgil on some technical skills. We spent the entire hour working on the most basic techniques as a mini refresher after the restful holiday season. I appreciated this!

I then stuck around after 3 hours of sweating, for our first Fight Team meeting to go over some administrative details. There was lots to cover but we got through it all and it made me so excited and so nervous for event day!

Next week is time to really pick up my training and get my nutrition back to the way it was prior to the break! No more slacking!

Stay tuned!

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