Sunday, 8 March 2015

"You can ACTUALLY do anything you set your mind to!"- Week 15 & 16

With just under 3 months to go, the Fight to End Cancer continues to creep up on me. Certain things are starting to matter less to me, while others I can't keep out of my mind. It's crazy how my priorities have completely shifted and my whole world is revolved around this fight. I eat, sleep, (work) and box- with very little time for anything else and I can honestly say, I wouldn't have it any other way. Being part of this experience is important to me. It has given me an outlet to express myself both physically and mentally. I can be my complete and authentic self when I walk through the gym doors and I have no doubt that I was put in this situation for a reason.

Last weekend, I had the privilege to work with so many creative and unique individuals at the official FTEC 2015 photo shoot. It was a magical day. Not only was I loving acting as a model, getting my hair and makeup done and touched up ALL DAY LONG, but I enjoyed finally getting to know all the other brave souls who have signed up along side me for this opportunity of a lifetime. I have really come to realize that my first impressions of people (I know I shouldn't make quick judgements, but I do!) are VERY wrong.  This isn't a negative observation by any means but you learn a lot about someone when you're sitting in a green room with them for hours and hours compared to focused and training at the gym. Each fighter has something different to bring to the table and I truly feel like we are such an amazing team, even though we all have our opponents sitting right there next to us.
I was on such a high leaving the photo shoot and just wanted to hang out with every one, all the time! Hopefully my fellow fighters felt the same way about me... :)
Not only did I have the best time with the FTEC fight team, I was also amazed and blown away by the organization and support shown by all those that work behind the scenes of this event. If this photo shoot day is any indication as to how the fight night will roll out, everyone is in for a treat! I can't WAIT.

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I can hardly contain my excitement for the next few months but I don't want them to go by too fast either. I already feel depressed thinking about my life without this to look forward to- it's going to be such a bore! This entire experience has been an intense roller coaster ride and right now, I'm definitely on a high even with my slight set back during class yesterday morning with a minor back injury(from a burpee). I still feel great! My confidence is building after every class I attend and like I said in my last post- my focus is on point. I can identify what I need to work on and I can easily spot other people's strengths and weaknesses as well... this is crazy to me because 4 short months ago, I didn't even know how to throw a simple punch. Not to sound too cliche but you can ACTUALLY do anything you set your mind to!!

I hope you all have the best week and thank you for riding on this roller coaster with me!

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