Monday, 6 April 2015

"What am I going to think about after this?" -Week 19 & 20

It is April 6th today... that means there is 53 days left until the fight.... pardon? I can't even deal. Not to mention there is even less time before I have to get up on that stage in front of the media and step onto a scale.. what woman would ever consciously say they want to do that? NOT ME. But I'll survive.

It's insane that in less than 2 months, this is all going to be over. What am I going to do with my life? What am I going to think about after this?

Here is a little recap of the amazingness that is being a fighter in FTEC:

1. You learn a completely new sport (and actually get pretty good at it if you put in the time).

2. You get to be part of the coolest photo shoots! I know some people  might not love this but regardless of your comfort in front of a camera, the entire day spent with the FTEC team and all of the amazing individuals behind the success of the event was a day I will never forget. Team bonding at its best!

3. No matter what I have going on in my personal life, sometimes the most difficult experiences- I know that I can show up at the gym, no judgement and no questions asked and completely escape from the real world. (That feeling I get when I'm on the soccer field is now the same feeling I have when I'm in the ring)

4. You gain a new family- I was handed the most badass family of anyone around- my coaches, my fellow FTEC team and every single individual at the gym that puts in so much time and lots of sweat to help us prepare for the big day. They may be swinging hard at our bodies and faces but in the end- they do it because they love us.

5. You get to be part of something so much bigger than you could have ever imagined... Seriously, when would I have ever had the opportunity to train for 7 months for a BOXING match? I have been watching boxing on TV and I'm like.."Oh my God... I'm doing what?!" But IT'S SO COOL. Not only am I boxing, but I am raising money for CANCER RESEARCH. I am fighting for those who can't. Why wouldn't I do this?

Now, I know that the above list sounds pretty amazing... at least it does to me and I am so lucky to have experienced it all, but you all know if you've read any of my blog posts that this journey is NOT EASY. Here is a list of some of the things that go through my head on a regular basis:

1."Wait, why am I doing this?"
2. "I hate boxing."
4. "I can't believe he hit me so hard in the face."
5. "Why isn't he trying hard with me?"
6. "Why doesn't she hit me harder? Does she not think I can take it?"
7. "He must not think I'm very good."
8. "Virgil put me with all the guys because he thinks I'm good enough"
9. "Virgil took me out of the ring with all the guys because he doesn't think I'm good enough"
10. "I'm the best boxer EVER"

BUT, no matter what my thought process was that day and as you can see, it goes up and down and all over the place... my lasting thought is that I am obsessed with everything this experience has offered me.
I love going to the gym, I love getting in the ring, I love texting Virgil on a regular basis to annoy him because he said we can text him at any time of any day and he'd respond (and he always does!) and I love the people I have met and grown so close to.

I am SUPER excited for all the excitement to continue to build all the way to FIGHT NIGHT but I am SO sad because I don't want this to end!!!!

Thank you to my entire Kingsway Family and everyone that has been part of my journey. This is something that I will NEVER EVER EVER EVERRRRRR forget.

AND- thank you to all of my donors, friends and family for sponsoring me in this fight! I am just short of $6000! If you can and would like to support me, you can follow this link:

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